Roseburg Police Continue Investigations

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ROSEBURG, Ore. — What started off as a deadly house fire in Roseburg is now being investigated as a homicide.

Police say a person involved in a standoff with police this week is linked to the investigation.

There’s still caution tape up at the house on Southeast Ramp Street where just days ago, Roseburg firefighters responded to a call about a house fire that led them to discover a dead body. When police officers showed up to do the death investigation, they soon discovered it was more than just a house fire.

After looking at the body found inside this home, police quickly came to the conclusion that the fire scene may also be the site of a homicide.

The Douglas County Major Crimes Team was called in and they discovered that Jonathan Lackey may somehow be connected to the crime. They were able to find Lackey at a motel nearby, but taking him in was not easy.

“All of a sudden that kid came out of number two. The officer was kind of looking around and the kid came out and he started looking around, and about the time they noticed each other or he noticed him, he started firing,” said witness Ben McVae.

After hours of negotiations, Lackey turned himself in. He is currently being held in the Douglas County Jail. The two incidents are still being investigated.

Police officers said that the body was found in extremely poor condition. They say there weren’t even fingerprints to help them identify who the body belonged to.

As a result, they are still waiting on a positive ID from the medical examiner’s office. But based on stature and other factors, they do believe that the body is Richard Casebeer and his next of kin has been notified.

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