Royal Caribbean Looks to Hire

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Royal Caribbean is hoping to sail into 2013 with at least 140 brand new employees.

The hiring department at the Royal Caribbean in Springfield says it has been continuing to add to the staff since 2010, but that there’s still plenty of room for new faces.

Hiring managers said they’re eager to fill the empty space with new workers and it’s important their staff be built with people from the community. The company says it’s shooting for 900 or more employees total in just a few more years.

With the economy as it is, managers are happy they can continue to provide job opportunities for people, which is why they also participate in programs like the Plus Project. The project is geared toward helping people over the age of 50 who have been displaced from their jobs and provides them training for a position at the contact center.

“In some cases, people have been in a position for a very long time at a particular company, and if that company goes away or is outsourced or something’s happened to that position, they may not be prepared to find another position in an economy that’s pretty tough,” said Barbara Otonicar, Senior Human Resources Business Partner.

The project is made possible by a grant from AARP. Lane Community College, Lane Workforce, Goodwill Industries and Enterprise also partner in the program.

The Royal Caribbean says they’re very conscious of the community that they’re in and are glad to contribute in any way they can, and getting a great employee is just a plus.

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