UO Hosts Waste-Free Lunch

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon introduced incoming freshmen to sustainability on campus by hosting a waste-free lunch during orientation, Wednesday.

Campus dining said goodbye to individual chip bags and small condiment packets to cut down on waste for this year’s orientation luncheon.

At freshman orientation each week, university housing provides a waste-free meal for students and their families. During the month of July volunteers collected nearly 850 pounds of compost and recycling and only 20 pounds of trash.

University housing says it’s a way to get students ready for all of the sustainability efforts on campus.

“Recycle as much as you can, compost. It’s in all of our dining venues. It’s in many of our floors where they live. They’re all given a recycling bin for their rooms so to kind of help them sort things,” said Lauren Miller, UO Housing Spokesperson.

Campus dining will serve its last orientation group its waste-free lunch Thursday.

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