Rugby Becoming Part of 4J Gym Classes

EUGENE, Ore. — Rugby will soon be a part of Physical Education classes in the 4J School District. A U.S. rugby player came to Eugene to show instructors how to introduce the sport to kids.

Portland resident Troy Hall trained volunteers from the University of Oregon Women’s Rugby Team and Men’s Rugby Team and other community members different practice drills. Monday the volunteers will go to Roosevelt Middle School to introduce students to the game.

Rugby enthusiasts said the sport is getting very popular throughout the state. They also said it helps build character and athleticism. “We always emphasize sportsmanship, team culture. Rugby’s such a team game, and it’s a sport that doesn’t stop, so you play, it’s nonstop,” said Hall.

In 2016 Rugby will be played in the Olympics.


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  1. Erika Farias says:

    Minor correction, it was the University WOMEN’S team, The Dirty Ducks, who had numbers out there. We convinced TWO players from the men’s team to come out and join us as well as two Dirty Duck alumni and several men from the Eugene Men’s team. Women hardly receive the attention they deserve from the media in this society, quite unfortunate that you got the information wrong. Let’s pay respect where it’s due!

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      We have since corrected the article and added a link to the UO Women’s Rugby Team website.

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