Ruling: Football Players Can Unionize

3-26 NORTHWESTERN PICCHICAGO, Il. — In a ruling that could revolutionize college sports, a federal agency has given football players at Northwestern University the green light to unionize.

This comes after former Wildcats quarterback Kain Colter and a number of other Northwestern players filed union cards with the National Labor Relations Union in January.

In the ruling, the NLRB said Northwestern football players were considered employees of the university — with scholarships as their pay and coaches as their bosses.

This raises questions about the structure of NCAA college sports and what it could mean for universities like the University of Oregon and Oregon State University.

The main difference between a school like U of O and Northwestern, is one a public institution while the other is private.

While the ruling only applies to Northwestern it could empower football players at other private universities to unionize.

But it doesn’t apply to football players at public institutions like University of Oregon, those players would have to depend on state labor laws.

We did reach out to UO for reaction to the ruling, but a spokesman says they won’t comment.

He says they are monitoring the situation and what it might mean for UO.

While UO won’t take a stance, the┬áNCAA is already speaking out on this ruling, saying 99 percent of the athletes won’t make it to the professional leagues, and it’s important to focus on success in the classroom.

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