Run Or Dye Event Cancelled

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EUGENE, Ore. — A big race fails to take place on Saturday in Eugene. Those registered for the first Run or Dye event in the area were just notified about two weeks ago that organizers were forced to cancel and the reason behind why is still unclear.

Several people registered for the event contacted KEZI upset about how the matter was being handled. KEZI reached out to the company several times for comment, but has still not heard back.

The event was supposed to take place Saturday morning at Alton Baker Park, but there was no starting line to be found. Run or Dye is an international organization that hosts races where people are doused with colored powder dye. Saturday would have been its debut in Eugene, but participants were recently provided with an e-mail saying the event needed to be merged with the Portland one in September. In the same e-mail, the event says the $47 registrations were non-refundable and they could only offer a $10 credit for the online store as compensation.

Race registrant Carrie Oberg says, “It’s not so much that they cancelled it, but that they didn’t reschedule it for Eugene. They moved it and combined it with Portland. We joined it, because it was local. Going to Portland was really out of the question.”

Many people also said they didn’t want to pay the extra expense to travel to and from Portland.

Oberg says the e-mail she received was slightly different, offering a few more options including: two tickets to another event, one ticket plus $25 dollars credit to the online store or just have the merchandise mailed to her and a donation still be made to the event’s non-profit partner. Oberg says she purchased insurance under the impression she should get a full refund. She says she has not received that refund and the company has not returned her calls or e-mails either.


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  1. RB says:

    “There’s a sucker born every minute”……….

    A scam for sure.

  2. run or dye scam says:

    The run or dye is an ongoing scam by Jake Ackerman who is a well known con artist.
    See RunorDyeScam.blogspot.com for more

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