Runners Talk about Boston Bombings

EUGENE, Ore. — The Boston Athletic Association’s website listed 351 runners from Oregon, 24 runners from Eugene, registered in the Boston Marathon Monday.

KEZI 9 News spoke with Larry Coxe, who just finished the race and was in the medical tent being treated for dehydration when the bombs went off.

“Quickly connected explosions happened and I heard them. It was extremely loud and you could kind of feel the boom, and right away my intuition was there was something seriously wrong,” Coxe said.

Coxe says people started being brought into the tent. He quickly gave up his spot and left the scene. He went back to his hotel but was scared because he didn’t know what to expect being stuck in the city.

KEZI 9 News also spoke with Steve Bean (below right), Coxe’s running partner. Bean had qualified for the Boston Marathon but was injured several months back and couldn’t run.

Bean spent most of the day trying to connect with his running partners in Boston. He says after some time he learned everyone he knew was ok. Bean says it’s a sad and odd feeling to think that he could have been there.

“Yeah it is, so I’ve had some family members contacting me and were happy that I was safe and that I wasn’t involved in that,” Bean said.

Bean says running the Boston Marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and when at the 26th mile the last thing a runner thinks about is an explosion.

Coxe says he is scheduled to fly back Tuesday, but he wasn’t sure how air traffic control would be affected.

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