Sacred Heart Nursing Tower Refurbished

EUGENE, Ore. — Sacred Heart University District is in a state of upgrades. They just finished a refurbishing project on two floors in their main nursing tower.

The Acute Care for Elders and medical units moved from a building built in 1965 to the refurbished third floor. The Oregon Rehabilitation Center was in a building built in 1951. That unit is now on the fourth floor.

Before those units moved, the hospital made several improvements to the third and fourth floors, including bigger bathrooms in patient rooms, updated nurses stations and a brand new therapy gym. Improvements also include some cosmetic changes such as splashing the walls with fresh paint, putting in new floors, and hanging updated artwork.

Managers say the changes are well received.

“I know the nurses love it. They love being out here, easy access to the supplies and get in and see their patients easier with all their supplies right here at the bedside. Patients seem to like it too. They have private rooms. A lot of our patients who need to be observed more closely are right close to the nurses station,” said Nurse Manager Wendy Olsen.

One of the biggest changes is all patients now have their own room. Of the 104 beds the University District hospital has, 61 moved to the newly refurbished nursing tower. Hospital staff say the buildings those units moved from are unusable and are slated for demolition..

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