SafeHaven Overwhelmed with 200+ Animals

RabbitTANGENT, Ore. — A humane society in Tangent is asking for help, after Albany Police rescued more than 200 rabbits and guinea pigs from an Albany residence this week.

Police are citing 58-year-old Pamela O’Brien for animal neglect among other charges, after they found the animals stacked in cages in her garage. Investigators say the conditions were deplorable: the animals were underfed, their drinking water was dirty, and the bottom of each cage was lined with six-ten inches of feces.

Police say O’Brien has been cooperative and signed the animals over to SafeHaven Humane Society in Tangent.

Police say without SafeHaven’s help, they do not know where they would have been able to bring the animals.

Now, the humane society is doing everything it can to care for the animals it was not expecting, but SafeHaven is asking for outside help. It is requesting any bedding, rabbit or guinea pig food, or even volunteer help. As of Friday afternoon, 50 of the animals had been adopted. SafeHaven is still looking for new homes for the rest of the animals, or even temporary foster homes.

Anyone who is interested in donating or adopting a rabbit or guinea pig can get more information about SafeHaven by clicking here. Rabbits and guinea pigs are $10 each.

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