Safety Events for Fire Prevention Week

EUGENE, Ore. — Sunday kicked off Fire Prevention Week. The Springfield Fire Department will use this week to teach community members and their kids about fire prevention and preparedness.

“Depending on which school district they’re in, we try to focus on it. For about a week. Depending on the school district, they’re focusing on it in the schools,” said Battalion Chief Jeff Kronser, Springfield Fire Department.

Springfield firefighters urge families to be prepared for a fire, including drawing a house map and making sure there are two ways out of each room.

In Corvallis, the fire department will hold it’s annual Open House and Safety Fair, with the similar theme: “Have Two Ways Out”. The Open House and Safety Fair will be held at the downtown and rural district fire stations on Saturday, October 13, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 p.m.

Visitors to Station 1, downtown, will be able to meet members of the Corvallis Fire Department, take a tour of the station, have child safety seats inspected, learn how to use a portable fire extinguisher and watch a fire demonstration, including a vehicle rescue operation and hazardous material incident. Kids can experience the 40 feet tall Children’s Fire Safety House, play Wii Firefighter, meet Pluggie, the robotic fire hydrant, and Sparky the Fire Dog.

Visitors to Station 6, in the rural district, can also meet members of the Corvallis Fire Department, take a tour of the station, learn how to protect property in the wildland interface area and watch demonstrations, including REACH Air Ambulance. Kids will be able to participate in kid-friendly firefighter activities, ride on a fire engine, and meet Sparky the Fire Dog.

It’s important families to protect themselves and share fire safety information with all family members, including small children. Over 90 percent of all home fires are caused by human carelessness and most fires are preventable.

Every year fires put thousand’s of lives at risk; last year, more than 4,000 fires ripped through Oregon homes, killing 30 people and injuring nearly 200. To remember those who died in the line of duty, the President asked flags to be flown at half staff this week.

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