Safety Town Kicks Off In Springfield

Safety Town

SPRINGFIELD, Ore.– A great summer program that teaches kindergartners life saving lessons starts Monday at Mount Vernon Elementary School in Springfield. The focus is on pedestrian and bicycle safety. Children will learn how to cross the street safely with the all important mantra, “Stop, look, and listen.” The program also covers poison safety, fire safety, earthquake safety and water safety.

“It puts safety in your kids hands, it helps them focus on how they can keep themselves safe, and it is also great preparation for them going into school. They get to meet teenagers who could possibly be their babysitters later on and they get to meet friends from school,” said Christi Cameron, the Director of Springfield Safety Town.

The program is run by teen volunteers, many of them who were former safety town kids. Safety Town is all possible thanks to Springfield Kiwanis. The group stepped up when budget was tight and the Springfield Police Department could no longer run the program.

Safety Town is open to kindergartners. There are 12 spaces left for the afternoon session, 1:30-3:30pm at Mt. Vernon Elementary School. For registration, contact Christi Cameron at safety.town.411@gmail.com. 

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  1. Stacy Braiker says:

    Such a fantastic program…. My children went through it and loved it:)

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