Salem Officer, Benton County Deputy Shot

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Family and friends are camped out in a Corvallis hospital keeping an eye on one of two law enforcement officers who got shot Saturday. The gunman also got hit.

Sgt. David Peterson with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, the officer who was shot three times that night, remains in the Intensive Care Unit. His family who have been by his side say they’ve faced a whirlwind of emotions.

Karen and Dan Peterson say the call that came in late Saturday night was heart wrenching. Sgt. Peterson has had two major surgeries for the bullets that hit his abdomen once and his leg twice. They say their son’s passionate about his work for the sheriff’s office, and his co-workers there are passionate about his recovery.

“There’s just a strong comradre with the group and they have an officer there at all times. They made a promise that they’re with him at all times,” said David’s mom, Karen Peterson.

Oregon State Police say it started about 10:30 Saturday night when sheriff’s deputies chased a suspected car thief. When Demecio Cardenas Jr. crashed the car he was driving, he allegedly ran into the brush and later fired on the investigators looking for him. Cardenas was shot in the exchange, but so were Salem Police Corporal Andrew Connolly and Peterson.

With an outpouring of love and support from friends, family and co-workers, Peterson’s parents say they do see their son returning to work sometime soon.


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  1. Doug Kerkoch says:

    I’m praying for David’s speedy recovery. He is an awesome Sheriff, husband, and loving father.

    1. Melissa Shannon says:

      We are praying constantly and know that miracles are happening. Our love and thoughts are with David and all the family.

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