Salvation Army Passing Out Food, Toys

EUGENE, Ore. — The Salvation Army needs your help to get food and toys to families this holiday season.

The organization helps more than 200 families each year, which adds up to nearly 650 children in need of toys.

The Salvation Army says its food and toy drive is an annual tradition that brings joy to everyone involved.

“To see the looks on the children’s faces, the families’ faces, the thank yous, the tears in their eyes. You can’t buy or sell that,” said Maj. Thomas Morrow, Salvation Army spokesman.

The organization says it’s running a little short this year, so any food or toy donation is appreciated.

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  1. Evelyn OKeefe says:

    I am disabled, using a walker, but would love to volunteer in passing toys to kids, and in any other way I can. Please let me know what it is I can do for you. I currently live Benton County. My phone is 541-487-4256.


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