Samaritan Third Healthiest Employer

Good Samaritan HospitalCORVALLIS, Ore. — Just a few months after being named the healthiest employer in the State of Oregon, Samaritan Health Services has been ranked third in the nation.

The honor comes from The Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Program, which scores employers nationally on certain criteria. In October, the Portland Business Journal named Samaritan the healthiest employer in the state that had at least 1,500 employees.

“We’re excited about the award,” said Dr. Larry Mullins, the CEO of Samaritan Health Services. “It was really a great moment when we became the healthiest employer in the State of Oregon, and then to be told that we were third in the nation I guess would be similar to making it to the final playoffs.”

The company says not only has it financially invested in extra wellness programs for its workers, but the employees are taking part.

“It’s as much as anything doing the walk and not just the talk about healthy activities,” Mullins said. “It’s making the personal and the organizational commitments to achieve those outcomes.”

Samaritan employees are given gym membership stipends and can participate in competitive weight loss and diet activities.

Mullins says the health and wellness efforts are about creating not only a healthy culture at Samaritan, but also about promoting good health in the community.

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