Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Rally

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EUGENE, Ore. — On the eve of oral arguments in a major trial in U.S. District Court, supporters of same-sex marriage organized a rally on the steps of the Wayne Morse Courthouse in Eugene Tuesday night.

Close to 100 people showed up for the rally, which was one of seven across the state in anticipation of the trial.

Eugene will be the focus of national attention Wednesday as lawyers give oral arguments regarding the legality of Oregon’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, which voters passed in 2004.

Oregon’s Attorney General is choosing not to defend the ban in court, arguing that it is discriminatory.

The judge overseeing the case won’t issue a ruling until next month.

The National Organization for Marriage submitted a motion to intervene, meaning it wants to defend the ban since the state won’t. According to The Oregonian, Judge Michael McShane denied that request for Wednesday’s oral arguments, but is giving the organization more time to make its case.

Another hearing is scheduled for May 14th, when McShane will decide whether NOM has legal standing to intervene.

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