Same-Sex Weddings Help Local Businesses

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EUGENE, Ore. — A new study shows nearly six thousand same-sex couples will get married in Oregon over the next three years, providing a big boost to the economy.

The calls are starting to come into local businesses in the wedding industry, and they’re ready.

Catherine Reinhart, the co-owner of Sweet Life in Eugene, says some new couples are already joining the wedding rush.

“We’ve actually gotten several calls already. We donated a cake to the first day over at the courthouse, and we think it’s great. We’re absolutely looking forward to it,” Reinhart said.

Also getting a few calls is the Rhythm and Blooms Flower Shop on Fifth Avenue downtown.

“Haven’t had a lot of calls, but I did get a call today. They’re getting married tomorrow, so, that was exciting,” said Ashley Sandifer, Rhythm and Blooms manager.

Sandifer and Reinhart say business will pick up for them as well as venues and photographers, especially this summer.

“There’s not any holidays in the summer time really, so that’s kind of what keeps us going through those seasons. Town gets a little smaller, but the parties get a little bigger,” Sandifer said.

“If there’s more marriage, more weddings, more love, I think it can only be a good thing,” Reinhart said.

And these business owners hope these good things continue to keep them baking and arranging.

“I love being in the industry where you get to show up and the day’s all about love. And for me, the more public displays of love we have, the better,” Reinhart said.

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