San Francisco Crash Causes Flight Delays

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EUGENE, Ore. — Dozens of passengers at the Eugene Airport faced flight delays or cancellations after a plane crash in San Francisco shut down that airport. Saturday afternoon a long line of travelers waited at the ticket counter to see when their flights would depart. “We’re just hanging out, waiting to find out if we’re able to go home today,” said Ben Cooper, who was traveling through San Francisco to Houston.

For Eugene resident Maggie Peake she arrived hours early for her flight to San Francisco, but had no idea when she would be able to leave Eugene. “At first they said it would be two and a half hours, then we got told it was going to be all day that it would be delayed and then the flight was canceled,” said Peake.

While these passengers were scheduled to fly through San Francisco, that was not their final destination. “A couple minutes, an hour until we go to Houston,” said Michael Rohr.

“I’m supposed to be going to San Francisco and then take a flight from there to San Diego to see my great Aunt Nancy and just explore the San Diego area and visit some colleges down in Southern California,” said Peake.

For some passengers, Saturday was the first time they were scheduled to fly. “I mean I was already a little nervous but now it’s like hearing that you know first flight at the airport that I was going to that there was a crash landing it just kind of increased those nerves,” said Peake.

Even experienced flyers said they felt a bit nervous after hearing about the crash. “It made me a little nervous about my plane, and just I don’t know, safety,” said Cooper.

Whether traveling home or to a vacation destination, travelers said they just wanted to know when they’d be taking off.

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