Sanitation Issues Near SLEEPS Camp

EUGENE, Ore. — While the Eugene Celebration takes place downtown, homeless rights advocates are staying put.

Protesters with SLEEPS have set up tents in the downtown area. Demonstrators say that some of the campers were previously staying in the wetlands on the outskirts of town, but moved here when they were forced out. The group says it wants police to stop ticketing people who sleep in public.

This isn’t the only issue that has popped up downtown. The city’s facilities manager says the city had to close down a lawn across from the Free Speech Plaza due to several piles of human feces. The city hasn’t said there’s any connection between the mess and the nearby SLEEPS protesters. Demonstrator Angela Barstow says that there are several public restrooms in the area that the campers can use.

“We are making sure that people don’t have that far to walk,” says Barstow.

On Friday, Lane County issued a statement that says, “Lane County government is fully watching the SLEEPS protest as they are on county land inside the City of Eugene. We are concerned about the safety and security of all our citizens.”

The county also said that the board’s work is conducted in public and that this is scheduled for the next meeting.

KEZI asked the protesters if they plan on leaving this weekend because of the Saturday Market and the Eugene Celebration, and they said no. However, they also say their goal is not to interfere with people’s leisure time.


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  1. XoztedMama says:

    –“The group says it wants police to stop ticketing people who sleep in public.”– Okay, so how do the members of this group plan to contribute to society and not be a complete burden? I could get behind free camping, but only if it was kept neat/clean/sanitary AND the people using it were somehow helping/contributing to our community (community service is one possible solution).

  2. quasimodo says:

    this group is jsut like the group that tore up the washington jefferson park area, while I feel sorry for people with out a home its not the tax payers problem it is theirs for not holding down a job. when I was young and able bodied I would work 2 and 3 jobs some times to pay my bills and get the things i wanted. these people need to stop hidinng under the guise of free speach and get a damn job then they will be able to afford a home to live in.

    I myself find it offencive that every corner I stop at some lop that is to lazy to work begging me for money holding up their signs saying homeless disabled hungry, I am disabled , but I get a disability check and foodstamps to supliment me the same things they are eligable for if they are truely disabled and hungry. the problem is they blow their disability check on alcohol and drugs and I see them at walmart the first part of the month trying to sell their foodstamps or buying cases of water just so they can dump them out and return the bottles for deposit to buy beer with. I have also seen them throw their signs in the bushes walk across the street to a parking lot and jump into an almost new vehicle.

    anyone that gives them money is enabling them to continue to squander the tax payers money on alcohol and drugs and its just as much your fault that they are homeless as it is theirs because you allow them access to your free money and alcohol

  3. bill says:

    Some are just nasty and they wonder why they are not welcome or treated unkindly.. I have no respect for any of them

  4. ahshucks says:

    If the city and lane county can’t get rid of the sleeps problem downtown it’s time to elect people that will get rid of the roaches. Pass a law, vote out current judges, charge a daily fee for protesting and charge them for utilities they use.

  5. Ron says:

    Only in Eugene do the hippies run the city. What the heck is this country coming to. Lazy people looking for a free ride. Working people paying for it. Common sense is a thing of the past. Mz. Kitty keep it up, Springfield loves your way of running a city. Cater to the freeloaders and run the paying businesses out of town

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