Santa Clara Fire Station Awarded Grant

EUGENE, Ore. — A local fire station won a statewide competition, allowing for a much-needed remodel.

The Santa Clara Fire Station was built in 1961, and a recent study showed the old building was starting to deteriorate.

“It was listed as a high hazard, according to the, the Oregon Seismic Group, as coming down if we did have an earthquake,” said Santa Clara Fire District Chief Randy Wood.

Thanks to a $570,000 grant from the Oregon Seismic Rehabilitation Program, the fire station will be re-modeled to fit new safety standards.

“It’s going to make it much safer for us to be here if there was an earthquake. Our main goal is the seismic activity. It’s going to update the looks of the station,” Wood said.

The Santa Clara Fire Station was up against fire and police stations from across over the state all wanting the grant money.

“As far as Lane County, we’re the only ones I am aware of that got this particular round for it,” Wood said.

Crews already started work on the roof and walls. They hadn’t been touched since the building went up.

Santa Clara Fire hopes to have all construction on the fire station done by the beginning of next year.

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