Santa Clara Neighbors Compile Report

SANTA CLARA, Ore. — A team of residents from the River Road–Santa Clara area have been hard at work identifying the areas problems.

Instead of issuing a written survey, a team of people personally visited with hundreds of residents in the two communities. They compiled a report they plan to use in the future to advocate for change.

Its goal was to identify priorities and areas for future development. Recommendations range from protecting waterways to increasing police patrols, along with expanding recreation services.

“We have a lot better handle in terms of when we have discussions with the city about what we said is important to us when things happen in land use whether or not we would support that or not,” said project chairman Jerry Finigan.

Annexation and special districts remain a top problem because special districts lose money every time a lot is annexed. The money goes to the city instead, and so the tax base becomes smaller and smaller.

An implementation team will now figure out how to come up with solutions to the issues identified.

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