Santa Delivers Socks, Hats to Kids

EUGENE, Ore. — A pair of aces is great when playing poker. A pair of socks is even better during the winter.

On Tuesday, Barb and Shannon Nill from Guaranty Chevrolet and RV delivered a truck full of socks to the First Place Family Center in Eugene. The 900 pairs of socks and 150 knitted hats were collected and donated by Guaranty employees determined to help keep low income and at-risk families warm this winter.

“It hits you right in the heart when these kids light up. They’re trying to find some normalcy within their family, and this provides a dose of that,” Shannon Nill said.

This is the ninth year Guaranty has delivered socks and hats to First Place. First Place helps families at risk of losing their home or in transition between homes due to job loss, health issues or other life crises.

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