Saturday Excites Fans for Rest of Season

EUGENE, Ore — The Ducks’ first game of the season will go down as a win, not that they worried about Arkansas State. Fans say they are most excited about their new quarterback, Marcus Mariota, and say watching him play Saturday gave them more confidence than they thought it would.

He and many of the Duck starters this year are young, and it’s a big change going from seasoned players like Darron Thomas and LaMichael James to freshmen and sophomores leading the team, but fans say if the youngins keep playing like they did Saturday, they’re seeing a successful season ahead.

“That first half when they scored 50 points, that’s huge, and Mariota is just awesome,” said one fan.

“When you see a freshman, a redshirt freshman quarterback, come in and he’s just poised and got it together,” said another fan.

“We just kind of proved that we don’t need Darron Thomas and LaMichael James to still be great, of course they were good last season, but we’re just as good as last year if not better,” said another fan.

Fans say Saturday’s performance is exactly what they were hoping to see, and what will give them the confidence for better-equipped opponents like USC.

The Ducks will face two more non-conference oponents before they take on their first Pac-12 match-up.

The season continues at home this Saturday against the Fresno State bulldogs.

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