Scammers Pose as Computer Technicians

EUGENE, Ore. — Another phone scam is rearing its head in our community, and this time the scammers are getting smarter.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office says scammers are calling and identifying themselves as Windows Technical Support. They’re telling people there is a problem with their computers, and then they ask for access, sometimes downloading a virus.

The scammers also have the user download computer software that captures banking information, passwords and other confidential information.

What’s different is this time is these scammers are giving their names and even a number to call back. And when you do, they answer saying they are from Windows Technical Support.

The sheriff’s office says remember that companies don’t usually call you to say there is a problem with your computer.

“That is the biggest red flag I can think of. We did contact Microsoft, and, and they said they do not call people and solicit for a service and fixes and things like that especially for Windows,” said Sgt. Carrie Carver, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies called that number Monday, and they are still answering the phone as Windows Technical Support.

Anyone who receives a call like this should call the sheriff’s office and report it because investigators know there are more people getting these calls and just not reporting them.

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