Scandinavian Festival Helps Businesses

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JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — The Scandinavian Festival wrapped up Sunday night and businesses in downtown Junction City are already looking forward to next year.

Every year Scandi Fest organizers estimate between 90,000 to 100,000 people will come through Junction City for the big event, but these folks aren’t just coming for Aebleskivers and Fri-jos. Businesses outside the festival’s footprint are benefiting too.

A normal day at Max Porter’s Coffee House seems much like a typical shop.

“We have a lot of regular customers. We do a lot of lunch business, a lot of morning coffee. That kind of thing,” said Jenna Cugno, the shop manager and co-owner.

But for four days out of the year, this downtown Junction City coffee shop experiences something out of the norm.

“When Scandi Fest is here, I feel like I’ve truly been transported to another world,” said Cugno.

New faces, new customers and new experiences.

“It’s way busier. It’s great. We get to meet a lot of new people. It’s great exposure for our business. It’s a really good experience,” said Cugno.

Fellow business owner, Susan Vineyard, says the Scandinavian Festival also boosts her sales.

“Scandi Fest comes, we get like 10 times the amount, if not more. We have loads of people coming in and looking at our stuff and seeing what we have to offer here. It’s wonderful exposure,” said Vineyard.

They believe the exposure not only benefits them, but all of Junction City.

“It brings a lot of traffic to our town. It brings a lot of, for the lack of better words, awareness that there’s different businesses out here. The farms, the little coffee shops, the restaurants–that kind of thing,” said Cugno.

“We have fabulous shops. We have a lot to offer here and with Scandi Fest going on, we get lots of people through town and good exposure,” said Vineyard.

So even if for four days the coffee shop is operating at an abnormal pace, it’s okay with Max Porter’s. They’re staying awake for Scandi Fest.

“The business is increased exponentially and so it’s like, it brings a lot of life to it. We get to escape our everyday routine and do something different and exciting,” said Cugno.

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