Schley Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Lane County judge sentenced a former high school trainer to three years in prison for having a sexual relationship with a student.

Judge Debra Vogt told former athletic trainer Timothy Schley he violated the trust of the entire community when he began having a sexual relationship with a student athlete at Willamette High School.

At the Lane County Courthouse Wednesday, Vogt told Schley he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, along with spending years in prison and on probation.

During the former Willamette High School athletic trainer’s sentencing, Lane County prosecutor Erik Hasselman brought forth a witness, who says this isn’t the first time Schley has had an inappropriate relationship with a student.

“We knew that very early on in the investigation that as an athletic trainer in that position at Springfield High School that he had had a relationship with a student athlete,” Hasselman said.

Hasselman says they used her testimony to prove Schley was a repeat offender who used his position of power to get close to young girls.

After the woman testified about her relationship with Schley, his defense attorney asked Judge Vogt to sentence the 29-year-old to probation, but prosecutors asked for a stricter sentence.

“We have an overriding public safety concern,” Hasselman said.

Then Schley pleaded with Judge Vogt, asking her to take mercy on him, saying he loves the victim in this case unconditionally and asked for forgiveness from the Willamette High School community.

The victim in this case was in the court room as the judge handed down Schley’s sentence, and she broke down in tears when Judge Vogt sentenced Schley to three years in prison.

“I think the judge properly sent a message to anybody who’s in a position of trust, working with children even within the student athletic community that they are not available to develop intimate sexual relations with,” Hasselman said.

Starting now, Schley cannot have contact with the victim in this case for the next five years, during his probation, and prosecutors say if he does try to contact her he could be fined.

“Like the judge said, you’ve had such influence over this juvenile up until now. She needs a break from you, and I think those were her words, and I agree completely with that,” Hasselman said.

The Eugene Police Department re-arrested Schley for trying to contact the victim in this case on Monday. Hasselman says Schley could face some financial consequences and fines for violating this court order.

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