Scholarship Season for College Students

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EUGENE, Ore. — It’s crunch time for college scholarship applications and experts are encouraging students to apply.

Students who’ve applied for scholarships say the process is tedious but if it means helping with college debt, they say it’s worth it.

Jackie Bryson at LCC teaches scholarship workshops and helps students with the process. She says many application deadlines fall between now until April.

In her years helping students, she says they often don’t know where to start or feel they don’t qualify but she doesn’t want people to get discouraged.

“There are a lot of scholarships out there for everyone, every major, every degree you’re thinking about. There are a lot of scholarships that go unused. They have a hard time finding applicants. Foundations are always out there looking,” said Bryson.

She says don’t eliminate yourself. Let the scholarship committees decide.

Bryson says a great resource for college students in Oregon is the Oregon Student Access Commission.

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