School Board Discusses Civic Stadium

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EUGENE, Ore. — Community members from across Eugene are voicing their opinions on the future of Civic Stadium. “We have an opportunity to honor the wishes of hundreds of people who want to save Civic Stadium. I am one of them,” said Eugene resident Juan Carlos Valle.

Some said they supported the city’s 4.5 million dollar bid. “I just have this vision that’s just so incredible which is why I had to come down. I think that we should at least give it a try. I think that’s what is in Dr. Berman’s proposal is to give it a try, see if we can come up with the money,” said Susan Walsh.

Other officials from Fred Meyer said they’re not done fighting for the historic ballpark yet. “We’re still here and we believe there’s still a couple of weeks left in the process and we hope that you’ll still consider us. We believe we have the proposal that brings the most benefit to the community,” said Fred Meyer spokesperson Melinda Merrill.

But even those wanting a new YMCA said while they wanted the Y to expand, they’d rather see the city’s bid accepted and the city to sell a chunk of the property to the YMCA.

“Not getting a Y built on the property would be a huge failure so I urge you to support the superintendent’s recommendation, so long as a new YMCA is built on the property,” said Eugene resident Zach Klonoski.

While school board members haven’t made a decision on what bid they’ll be voting for, many members discussed the possibilities of what Civic Stadium could be if it accepts the city’s bid.

“To me, we need to give this a chance. It could be a last gasp, it could be a last you know Don Quijote tilting at windmills. But we have a chance, so why not,” said Anne Marie Levis, school board member.

So for the next two weeks the board members will be weighing their options and making a decision on the future for the historic ballpark.

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  1. Tim Babcock says:

    Most of the time, these old ballparks are fire hazards. Restoration is an expensive task to complete and usually doesn’t gain that much economic benefit into what is put into them. When Lowe’s built a store on the site of Sick’s Stadium in Seattle, they did a tribute to the location by allowing a historical marker to be placed on the site, along with a few display cases containing uniforms, programs, and photos as a tribute to the teams that played on the site since it was built in the 1930s. I’m sure that the Y and Fred Meyer would be willing to do the same thing too and give the school district some money that could help that school budget out.

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