School Board to Discuss Civic Stadium

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EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School Board will take public input Wednesday night on the future of Civic Stadium.

The four year long battle over who will own Civic Stadium will soon come to an end. The school board is just two weeks away from figuring out which multi-million dollar offer it will accept.

On Wednesday the school board will talk about Superintendent Dr. Sheldon Berman’s recommendation for the city of Eugene to purchase the stadium for $4.5 million. It will also discuss the two other bids from Fred Meyer and the Eugene YMCA.

“The school board could approve the superintendent’s recommendation, they could alter and approve the superintendent’s recommendation, or they could choose something else entirely,” said Kerry Delf, 4J School District spokesperson.

Anyone who’s interested in providing feedback on which option they think 4J should accept can attend the meeting. It starts at 7 p.m. at the 4J Education Center over on Monroe Street.

4J says the school board will not make a decision on the future of Civic Stadium Wednesday. That decision will be made at the board’s next meeting on Feb. 19.

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