School Bond Measure Narrowly Winning

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PLEASANT HILL, Ore. — The results for the Pleasant Hill school bond measure are too close to call.

But school district officials say they’re hesitantly optimistic the bond will pass and schools will get the improvements they need.

The Pleasant Hill School District wanted to hear what voters thought of the bond measure. And although voter turnout in Lane County was low, the district says nearly half the voters in the district voted during the election.

But even with the high voter turnout, the race for the bond measure was the closest in Lane County. It’s winning by just 19 votes as of Wednesday evening.

The superintendent says it’s been a roller coaster ride during the last 24 hours because results kept flip flopping. But the district is hopeful its nearly $18 million bond measure will officially pass, so it can improve the two schools in the district.

“It’d be nice to know right now hey we know which direction we’re going, but it’s kind of close so i’ll say that we’re cautiously optimistic at this point,” said Tony Scurto, Pleasant Hill Superintendent.

If the measure officially passes, the money will be used to build two new wings at the high school and new classrooms at the elementary school.

The design phase is expected to begin within the next few weeks, but construction won’t start until spring of 2015.

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