School Bus Crashes on Highway 38

REEDSPORT, Ore. — Oregon State Police released new pictures of a school bus crash in Reedsport.

This happened Tuesday afternoon along Highway 38, east of Reedsport.

Seven students from Elkton Charter School were on board when the driver, 68-year-old David Wiley, lost control.

Preliminary investigation indicates Wiley was traveling westbound when he was briefly distracted.

The school bus hit the metal guardrail separating the highway from a steep embankment and the Umpqua River.

Two students reportedly were taken later to a hospital in Reedsport for treatment of minor injuries.

Photos courtesy of Oregon State Police.


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  1. Randy Estess says:

    Of course it is EAST of Reedsport. Last I knew, not much, let alone a highway is WEST of Reedsport. …………….. But seriously, I am glad they did not land in the water. Everyone involved should buy a lottery ticket! Oh, and an honorable mention to ODOT for a job well done. The guardrail did its job. Thank you ODOT.

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