School Bus to Stop Traffic at Merloy Ave

Merloy BusCORVALLIS, Ore. — A Corvallis bus stop will see a change come Monday, after parents voiced their concerns about its safety.

The Corvallis School District decided Friday that school buses stopping at the corner of Merloy Avenue and Highway 20 in Corvallis will start putting on its flashers to stop traffic starting Monday.

Right now, buses pull onto Merloy Ave., which would make it illegal for them to turn on their flashers. Parents in the neighborhood have voiced their concerns about the cars whizzing by around the stopped bus on the side of the road.

The school district says it finds the current stop safe because it pulls off the highway, which could avoid a rear-end crash. In 2010, the district says a bus was rear-ended while making an on-road stop on Highway 20. Since that time, buses make off-road stops when they can.

The district says both options have pros and cons, but its biggest concern at Merloy Ave. is when the morning bus has to merge back into traffic. Friday’s decision will require bus drivers to turn on their flashers to stop traffic both in the morning and in the afternoon.


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