School Cancelled Following Two Deaths

DRAIN, Ore.– The community of Drain is dealing with a tragic start to the school year.  After dealing with a student who died from an accidental shooting Thursday, North Douglas School District has now lost a staff member.

The school superintendent John Lahley told us Saturday night that the elementary office manager died suddenly Friday. She had been with the district for more than 20 years. There’s no word yet on how she died.

Lahley says class is cancelled for the district on Tuesday while the school works to get back on its feet.  There will be an all staff meeting that morning, September 3rd.

This school closure also comes after deputies say Austin Lundeen, 16, was spending the night at his friend’s house in Drain when the two decided to handle a hunting rifle. The firearm unexpectedly went off killing Lundeen.

Friday night’s football game was cancelled and friends and family held a candlelight vigil.

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  1. j says:

    I really wish parents would lock up their guns when they’re not around so these tragedies could be prevented

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