School Celebrates Composting Program

EUGENE, Ore. — Did you celebrate America Recycles Day Thursday?

Students over at The Village School in Eugene did.

They also used it as an opportunity to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Love Food, Not Waste Program.

Each grade lined up just outside the school gardens to watch Rexius drop off its gift of compost.

Afterward students, parents and staff got the chance to load their buckets with compost to use at home.


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  1. Kaet says:

    Why bother writing an article with so little information? What is the Love Food Not Waste program? Is it nationwide as a part of America Recycles Day, or is it perhaps an extremely special program here in Eugene that could really use some press to make its second year even more successful? Why was the Village School chosen to host this event? What is compost, is it dirt or something else? What is it made from? Why did Rexius give the compost “gift” to the school? What else happened besides kids watching a dump truck? Were there perhaps booths with information and activities pertaining to America Recycles Day? What was that line of wheelbarrows about? Oh wait, you left before that, but the eighth graders did some hardcore manual labor hauling the compost into the garden. It was a beautiful sight to have the Village School’s garden transformed in such a short period of time, how is it possible that a leaf was the only thing photoworthy? Why does it matter that this compost was gifted? Is the Village School perhaps preparing from-scratch meals daily in their kitchen using, in part, food grown by the children? Do you not think the community at large could be inspired to know that not all of 4-J’s kids are being served cafeteria glop by a multinational corporation? I’m disappointed that KEZI would bother showing up and have nothing to write about this event. If you are not done with the story my apologies; I’ll check back later.

  2. e double m says:

    Clear Lake Elementary does composting all year round. They also have their own garden where they grow an assortment of things. The 5th graders (along with teachers) are in charge of taking care of it and making it flourish. Everyone gets to enjoy and learn from it I love the entire process, especially the lessons the kids learn!

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