School District Details Bond Proposal

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Springfield School District held a public forum Wednesday night to detail its plans for a more than $60 million bond proposal.

Shon and Shawna Davis were one of a handful of residents who had a front row seat. “We heard about it last week, so to be able to hear it could be a reality is really exciting,” said Shawna.

A big part of the proposal is based around Hamlin Middle School and its deteriorating conditions.

The Davis’ took a tour of the school that focused on its shortcomings and design flaws. Those flaws included an electrical room with visible water damage and the schools only computer lab with outdated technology.

The district says Hamlin needs to be replaced. “We’re very interested to see what happens to Hamlin. We want to see a better school,” said Shawna.

About $37 million of the $62.5 million proposal would go to rebuild Hamlin, the rest to update technology and schools district wide.

While the district may have plans for how to spend the money, the school board stressed this is still just a proposal.

“They got some great feedback and they also may be reaching out to people who may be providing feedback in the meantime,” said Springfield Schools Spokeswoman Devon Ashbridge.

The school board could vote later this month to put the bond on the November ballot. For more on the proposal or to provide feedback, click here.

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