School Garden Project Wraps Up

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EUGENE, Ore. — Students across Lane County are wrapping up their year’s worth of work with the School Garden Project.

On Monday, students at Adams Elementary potted tomato plants and ate a lunch made from veggies they all grew themselves.

The garden has been part of the curriculum in each class throughout the year, and it’s been quite the learning experience.

“They always taste what comes out of the garden. Every day they graze, they taste what they’ve grown, and they come away really enjoying the vegetables that they’ve grown themselves. And for us, it’s both challenging to get there, but it’s also the most rewarding part,” John Moriarty, School Garden Project Executive Director.

Adams is one of nine schools that will participate in the garden project’s spring celebration this week.

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  1. Catherine Dacquisto says:

    Ms. Mickler,

    I spoke with you previous to you coming out to Adams Elementary for the School Garden Project’s Spring Celebration. I’d like to thank you again for covering this. The Executive Director who you interviewed and the rest of the School Garden Project staff were delighted with the coverage and thankful for the follow through. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to come out and cover this!

    Catherine Dacquisto
    University of Oregon

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