School Looked at for Undocumented Kids

Houston schoolHOUSTON (CNN) — A vacant Houston middle school could be used to house undocumented immigrant children crossing into Texas from Mexico.

A spokeswoman for Houston Independent School District said there has been no definitive request to lease Terrell Middle School.

Border patrol facilities have been flooded with an influx of immigrant children coming into the U.S. from Central America.

Federal officials are now looking for other locations to house some of those children. But some neighbors of the middle school say the government is trying to treat their neighborhood like a dumping ground.

“They’re sending the kids here. Everybody from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, they’re coming through Mexico. The borderline is letting them on. They’re giving them water and sending them on their merry way. Ain’t no border patrol. How are they going to keep the kids in the school? What’s up with that?” said resident Bernadette Lancelin.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee said last week that she reached out to a school district trustee after seeing the overcrowded conditions at border patrol facilities along the border.

Federal officials initially toured Terrell Middle school back on July 8.

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