School May Temporarily House Immigrants

Texas schoolHOUSTON — Texas is getting mixed reviews from residents about the idea of temporarily housing illegal immigrant children in an unused school in Houston.

The shuttered school is located on the city’s northeast side.

According to a congressional email received by KPRC, federal and local authorities were expected to conduct an initial assessment of the site Tuesday.

Here’s what residents living near the school had to say.

“As a citizen, we shouldn’t just throw children out into the street because if it was your child what would you want, you would want someone to help you,” said Damon Moore.

“If it was up to me to vote I would be against it,” said. “There’s been so many complaints about them coming here, may have diseases and things like this,” said Alvin Moore.

The federal government is scrambling to find adequate shelter for thousands of children who have crossed the nation’s Southern border.

No word on how many children would be housed at the school.

Source: KPRC

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