School on Lockdown After Shots Fired

THURSTON MIDDLE SCHOOL.JPGSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Thurston Middle School was placed on lockdown Thursday morning, and three other schools on lockout, after reports came in of shots fired.

Two Thurston Middle School staff members and an employee at the neighboring Splash! at Lively Park alerted Springfield police after hearing gunshots.

Officers responded to the 6200 block of Thurston Road at about 9:30 a.m. They found a man on private property just outside city limits who had been shooting birds.

“There was no threat to students or the schools, but as a precaution until we have that confirmation, we place our schools on either a lockdown or lockout depending on the situation,” said Devon Ashbridge, Springfield School District spokesperson.

The schools were on lockdown or modified lockdown for 17 minutes. The district sent home letters to parents that explained what happened.

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  1. tms student says:

    i was there, it was scary for some people but my class couldnt keep quite, people people people lol im just glad there was nobody in the school

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