School Summer Construction Begins

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EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The classrooms throughout Eugene and Springfield might be empty, but it’s anything but quiet at school districts in the area. Administrators say now that kids have gone home for summer, construction projects can begin.

Work is happening at all the school districts and there are some major projects set to take place all summer. So, many residents, especially those in Eugene, will really get to see their bond money at work over the next few months.

At 4J’s Howard Elementary School, certain classrooms will be a thing of the past come the fall. Starting in mid to late July, they’ll be torn down to make room for the new school site and new all-weather track and field at Kelly Middle School, just next door.

In the Bethel School District, construction is well underway, using money from a bond measure passed in November 2012 for new carpets, new overhangs and roofing repairs just to name a few things.

Bethel School District Spokesman Pat McGillivray says, “It seems like a long time ago. We’ve been waiting a long time for this opportunity, but we wanted to make sure that everything was planned out just right. So, it wasn’t rushed and it was done correctly and it was done affordably. It’s great to finally see all that work being done.”

Work has also already started on a brand new science wing and office at Willamette High School.

Springfield is also doing maintenance work at 22 different sites this summer.

All the districts say an up to date and comfortable learning environment is key when it comes to providing students the best possible education they can get.

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