Schools Compete in Health Food Challenge

Healthy FoodEUGENE, Ore. — Springfield and Bethel school districts will duke it out to see which schools can eat the healthiest Monday.

It’s all for the third annual PacificSource Healthy Life Schools Challenge. It encourages faculty and staff to replace at least one high-calorie snack each day with a serving of fruits and vegetables for one month. The hope is students will see that and do the same. Then at the end, PacificSource will donate $1,000 to the schools that consume the most healthy food.

“Last year got new water fountains. We had a group before that used it for exercise equipment. We had a group that used it for playground equipment for students. So anything they think is going to benefit their schools health, that’s what the prize goes towards,” said Kenny Weigandt, PacificSource Marketing Strategist.

Last year nearly 600 teachers, faculty and staff participated. They consumed nearly 40,000 servings of fruits and vegetables. Nearly 10,000 unhealthy snacks were replaced with healthier options.

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