School’s Flower Pots Returned

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The flower pots stolen from Centennial Elementary School were returned Friday morning.

The school’s Girl Scout troop bought the flower pots with their cookie money, but someone stole the pots shortly after the girls put the pots outside of the school.

School administration hopes the return of the flowers will help teach all of the students a lesson.

Word around the school spread fast, and the principal is sure the Girl Scouts are excited the pots were returned.

“If they haven’t already seen them, they will shortly and it’ll be a big deal for them and it’s right because they’ll know their faith is restored, good things do happen,” said Mike Donnelly, Centennial Principal.

After word spread about the stolen flower pots, an anonymous donor donated $250 to the troop. The principal hopes this money will be used to buy a more permanent planter for the flowers.

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