Schools Get State Report Cards

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Oregon schools got their report cards, but they look a little different than in years past.

The Oregon Department of Education is moving away from the No Child Left Behind format and developing a new way to grade schools, looking more at growth and graduation rates.

This year’s report cards reflect a small sample of those adjustments. Part of the new system is a separate ranking for high-poverty schools or Title I schools.

In addition to the basic report card, those schools will now be ranked a priority (needing the most improvement), focus (doing better), and model (schools exemplifying student success).

Centennial Elementary in Springfield was designated a model school this year, which Principal Mike Donnely says has a lot to do with the new evaluation system.

“It’s not just straight achievement. It talks about growth, and it talks about sub groups, and as a Title I school, that’s a lot of what we’re about and it’s a big part of the make-up of our school community,” Donnelly said.

The overall report cards rank every school either outstanding, satisfactory or in need of improvement. Out of the 15 rated districts in Lane County, there were 32 outstanding schools, 63 satisfactory and 11 in need of imrovement.

This year was considered the interim year in between the old and new rating systems, but the ODE says next year will be the first year all schools will be rated entirely on the new system.

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