Schools to Ditch Letter Grading System

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Schools in Oregon will be ditching the traditional letter grading system. Next school year, House Bill 2220 will require all teachers to use a grading scale based on a student’s knowledge of the material. That means grades equals proficiency.

“We would like to know that an ‘A’ in this geometry class at Corvallis High School means the same thing and same level of mastery as an ‘A’ at Crescent Valley High School,” said Corvallis School District Assistant Superintendent Kevin Bogatin.

Evaluating proficiency won’t be easy. Bogatin says the district will work with teachers over the next few years.

“What it’s going to look like in math is going to look different than what it looks like in physical education or in shop class,” said Bogatin.

It may seem like less work, since students can earn good grades by demonstrating they know the material without doing the homework. But the school district says not so fast. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

“Learning these skills, you have to practice it a lot. You can fail, you can make mistakes. In the end can you perform and do you know this information,” said Bogatin.

The new grading system is still being developed such as how report cards will look like and how proficiency will be evaluated. Also, next year, students will need to pass a math proficiency test in order to graduate.


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  1. Mike Bogdanovich says:

    So, what is wrong with the A-F grading system? It has worked well for over 80 years.

  2. Bogdanovich says:

    Isn’t that what the current grading system is ? … “based on the student’s knowledge of the material”?
    You dont mean that the system that has been successful for 80 years is outdated?
    So, how does the Scholl system acknowledge the greatness of a special student (all A+, therefore 4.5 student)- or a marginal student (4 D’s and an F therefore 0.875).

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