Schools Warn of Stranger Danger

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Two Springfield middle school students were offered soda if they agreed to get in a strangers car.

SPD is now investigating the encounter. It says two 11 year olds were walking home from Agnus Stewart Middle School Wednesday when they say on Cherokee Drive they were approached by two males in a blue SUV. The boys were told there was soda in the car and they should get in.

The boys did not and instead went directly home and told their parents who then called police. Police went out looking for the car but had no luck finding it.

The school district alerted all of its schools Thursday and urged them to talk to their students about stranger danger.

“Whenever we hear about an incident like this, we certainly take extra steps, and in this case we made sure all of our schools were aware of what happened, and we are asking schools, parents and teachers to be extra cautious,” said Devon Ashbridge, Springfield Schools Spokesperson.

The school says it’s important to remind students to walk in pairs and be aware of their surroundings. SPD says in this case the two boys did everything they were supposed to do.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Maybe Agnes middle school talked to kids about safety. But at Douglas gardens elementary which is literally just down the street from where this happened, the teachers weren’t aware at all. I had to tell a few of them. A lady that was in the office had gotten a memo, but they did not plan to inform the teachers till an after school meeting.

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