Science Factory Celebrates Earth Day

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Science Factory celebrated Earth Day Sunday by offering special, informational activities for kids, as well as free admission for the entire family.

Children got to enjoy not only the normal exhibits at the children’s museum, but also got to try out a number of fun and informational Earth Day activities. The museum had kids make bottle rockets to teach them fun ways to recycle plastic bottles. Volunteers also helped the kids learn about composting trash and let them hold compost worms.

Other activities at the museum included a mock oil spill clean up, where children had to decide what type of paper would best clean up an oil spill.

Volunteers staffed all of the activity booths and explained why these activities help the earth.

“To let kids know taking care of the planet is something that’s easy to do, we can start young at any age and just make it part of our regular lifestyle,” said Carolyn Rebbert, Science Factory director.

The Science Factory also opened it’s summer camp registration Sunday. Rebbert said some of the programs have already started filling up.

The children’s museum offers another open house with free admission in December.

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