Scio Family Wins Free Roof

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SCIO, Ore. – It is a huge week for a single mom who won a free roof, thanks to the annual Stutzman & Kropf Contractors Inc. free roof giveaway.

Amy Fitzpatrick, a mom of four, says she has been saving for a roof for years. It had been leaking and had dry rot issues.

“I don’t get any support,” she said. “I never have. And so it’s been a struggle. I’m not complaining though, my kids are my life. They’re my world. But it’s just never been easy to come up with the money to tackle that big of a project.”

When her kids heard about Stutzman & Kropf’s giveaway, they nominated her.

“She always puts us kids first and I know that this has always been one of her goals,” said her daughter Elisabeth Duclos.

Eugene Horvath, Vice President at Stutzman & Kropf, an Albany roofing and construction company, says the company received roughly 70 nominations for the free roof from the mid-Willamette Valley.

“When you receive four letters on behalf of someone like Amy Fitzpatrick did, it’s pretty touching,” Horvath said. “Her kids and her friends sent in letters. And after reading those letters and going through a series of interviews and interviewing five finalists, it was very clear that Amy was very deserving and we’re excited to work with her.”

Last week, Fitzpatrick received a once in a lifetime phone call.

“I cried,” she said.

She had won.

“It’s a huge blessing to me,” Fitzpatrick said. “It just means so much to me. And I’ll forever be grateful to Stuzman & Kropf for this giveaway and all the donors. It’s huge.”

Stutzman & Kropf teamed up with IKO Manufacturing, Roofline Supply and Distribution, and Northern Willamette Gutters to complete about $12,000 worth of work on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

“It’s actually more than just getting a free roof,” Horvath said. “Part of this project was actually having to rebuild the top structure of the whole entire house.”

Fitzpatrick says the new roof will take a weight off of her shoulders.

“It’s just amazing beyond words what this is doing,” she said. “For the safety of the home and the well-being of all of us. So it’s pretty huge.”

Crews say it is Fitzpatrick’s reaction that motivates them to continue the annual giveaway.

“It’s our way to give back to the community that has blessed us tremendously.” Horvath said.

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