Scotty Svetal’s Road to Recovery

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EUGENE, Ore. –It’s been more than five months since a young man from Eugene was hit by a car while on his skateboard. He was critically injured, but has made an amazing recovery.

Scotty Svetal almost died, but his family calls him their hero as he works every day to regain his strength both mentally and physically. It would seem his positive attitude, strong spirit and smile are all helping him to heal.

Svetal’s smile is infectious and his strength, something to admire.

“He is my hero,” said his stepmom Christina Svetal.

In November Svetal was hit by a car while skateboarding. He has had four brain surgeries and was in a prolonged coma.

“There were several times we went through something, I wouldn’t wish on any parent,” said his dad Mike Svetal.

He spent almost two months in the hospital and is now here at the Green Valley Rehab Health Center.

Svetal doesn’t remember his accident, but tells us his feelings about it.

“I was scared because it’s a hard journey,” Scotty Svetal said.

That journey includes constant physical, occupational and speech therapy. His key to success he says is knowing one thing.

“Tomorrow is a beautiful day,” Scotty Svetal said.

“Scott just teaches me every day you got to wake up and say I choose to make this the best day ever,” Mike Svetal said.

He also hopes his accident will teach others the importance of wearing a helmet.

“Everyone wear a helmet, no matter how good you think you are,” Scotty Svetal said.

“Especially with the new skate park opening up, it is just so important to get the word out that everybody thinks it’s not going to happen to them, but that’s why you call it an accident because you never know,” Christina Svetal said.

Svetal will soon be transferred to the Oregon Rehab Center and his family hopes he can come home this summer.

“I look forward to tomorrow,” Scotty Svetal said.

Surrounded by inspirational quotes, it would seem the true inspiration is right here. Showing us the only way to get through the tough times of today is by looking ahead.

Svetal’s friends are organizing a run in his honor and to continue to raise helmet awareness. The Seize the Day 5k will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, May 3.

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