Police Search for ATM Card Thief

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CORVALLIS, Ore.– Corvallis Police released a surveillance photo of a man they say stole money from a woman’s bank account, using her ATM card.

It happened on March 5 at the OSU Federal Credit Union on 25th St. in Corvallis. The victim accidentally left her card in the machine. The suspect was behind her in line and used the machine multiple times to withdraw money out of the victim’s account. Investigators hope someone can identify the person in the photo.

“We posted it on Facebook to try to get the information out to the community very quickly, and we’ve been extremely surprised and pleased with the amount of people that have reviewed that post. We’re hoping somebody can identify that person quickly,” said Captain Dave┬áHenslee with the Corvallis Police Department.

Police say the incident serves as a reminder to be vigilant when using an ATM.

“It’s really important that we protect our identity all the time and in all we do. In this case, a card was left behind which was unfortunate, but make sure you take those possessions with you and make sure the machine is done processing and you’re done with the transaction,” advises Captain Henslee.

If you recognize the suspect, you are asked to contact the Corvallis Police Department.

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