Second Bid Placed on Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — Two offers now stand for Civic Stadium. The Eugene YMCA put in its bid at the beginning of the month, offering $3.5 million to the school district for Civic Stadium. Then, a week later, Powell Development offered $4.7 million.

The YMCA wants to build a community center in the space and Washington developer Peter Powell would build a Fred Meyer shopping complex.

The stadium has been on the district’s surplus property list since 2002. It still sits unused, but not forgotten, as the conversation rekindles about the baseball stadium. The school board will likely officially reopen the bidding process in the fall, but buyers are already making their interest known.

Both Powell and the YMCA were in the mix about three years ago, the last time the district accepted requests for proposals for Civic. They both say they are offering the same amount now that they were offering then. Although there is a significant difference in both price and type of project, both organizations say they are comfortable with their positions.

The school board has not hinted level of interest to either property, but say the evaluation process will rely on finances and community use and benefit. They will look at these factors this fall. Powell says when the conversation pics up in August, he plans to heavily involve the community on the shopping center plans and what features to include to best serve them.

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  1. hightide6096 says:

    The community wont have to travel out west 11th in order to shop at Fred Meyers store but wouldn’t be neat to put a Target or a smaller Walmart store where the fair grounds is to make it complete.

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