Second Cougar Killed, Trap Set for Third

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EUGENE, Ore. — Another cougar has been trapped and killed near a popular Eugene park and workers at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife are urging people to use caution because another one may still be near there.

Last week ODFW trapped and fatally shot a cougar that was killing goats and chickens near Hendricks Park in Eugene. On Friday, another big cat was caught. It was killed Monday.

ODFW workers say they believe there is still another cougar in the area and they have a trap set in the same spot to catch it.

Now a nonprofit called Predator Defense is speaking out against trapping and killing these animals. The executive director thinks the cougars are better off left alone because they pose no threat to humans and they say it was unnecessary to trap the other two cougars.

“I don’t feel it was. I think it was a great over reaction. There’s a lot of politics around this animal and certainly a lot of politics around how ODFW manages cougars statewide,” said Brooks Fahy, executive director of Predator Defense.

Both sides say there has never been an incident in Oregon of a cougar attacking a human.

A biologist from ODFW says there has not been any evidence of the third cougar returning to the area. They have a camera set up to document any activity if it comes back.


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  1. Melissa says:

    I am a resident of Hendrick’s Hill. I cannot believe these animals are being trapped and killing in my neighborhood. I have dogs and cats and take precautions to protect them. So should other residents no matter what type of animals they have. Killing predators is shameful. They are part of our ecosystem for a reason. Humans have no right to kill animals in this manner. The more urban chickens and farm animals you have the more predators will be drawn to them. Our constant urban sprawl and taking over wildlife territories is our fault, not the animals fault. People of Oregon need to find away to co-exist with wildlife in general. Predators have an important place in our ecosystem. Once you kill them all you’ll wish you hadn’t. My neighbors husky killed some chickens this year, should we round up all the huskies and kill them? I bet if you started rounding up huskies and killing them, people would be outraged. Why? What is the difference? A husky killing chickens on Hendrick’s Hill or Cougars?

  2. Kristi says:

    I think the ODFW did the right thing. The cougars would have stayed around the area because they were finding easy pray and small children were at risk also, so family’s would not have been safe to enjoy the park.

  3. jb says:

    Silly cougar. Can’t someone get a grant from the Obama administration to teach these animals to read. The property is posted with a keep out sign. This would obviously solve the problem and eliminate the bickering. Seriously who wants to hear someone rant about the difference between cougars and huskies. They don’t meet till week 15 anyway. Go Ducks

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